Report Discrimination, Harassment & Violence Against LGBTQ People.

Reporting an Incident:

Online Reporting:

The Campaign for Southern Equality maintains an online map to document incidents of anti-LGBTQ violence and discrimination. This is a tool for the LGBTQ community to report incidents and better document the reality of the LGBTQ experience in our country. Anyone can submit a report by going to the LGBTQ Human Rights Crowdmap. 

Other  Reporting Resources Referenced by the Campaign for Southern Equality:

Local Law Enforcement: If you feel safe doing so, it is important to file a report with your local police department. If anti-LGBTQ language was used during the attack or anything about the attack suggested it was motivated by your actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity, be sure to mention this. Whether or not your state has a hate crimes law that covers sexual orientation and gender identity, local law enforcement should track and report all crimes motivated by bias. You may need to be very proactive to ensure that this is documented in the police report. Different police departments will have different policies and levels of sensitivity regarding reporting anti-LGBTQ violence.

District Attorney’s Office:  Contact your local District Attorney’s Office and ask to speak to the Victim Witness Coordinator. This is a service available to the victims of violent crimes and can assist with issues such as compensation for medical care related to injuries.